These areas of service are needed weekly as part of our Sunday Gathering and periodically for special gatherings, conferences and events.

  • Coffee Prep – arriving about an hour before services provides plenty time to prep coffee and design the coffee bar with any seasonal drinks or snacks for those arriving before service.
  • Greeters & Ushers - You are the first person most people interact with on any given Sunday at Disciples and you play a key role in helping new people find their way around, drop off kids and get comfortable.
  • Guest Services - Immediately following each Sunday service we love to have a person or two at our VERY popular Guest Services Table to meet new people, answer questions and give out First Timer Gifts.
  • Signs & Banners - Each Sunday several A-frame signs and a few banners are put out to make it easier for new people to find us and know where to go. This job takes about 15 minutes and needs to be out about 45 minutes before Services starts.

Contact Stacey Mathes to start volunteering in this area.


These roles help us maintain excellence on Sunday mornings during our gathering through lighting and media, and throughout the week through web presence.

  • Audio Recording & Posting - All of our services are recorded and then posted to our website as well as to our iTunes Podcast. Occasionally these recordings need post production editing.
  • “Powerpoint” Tech -  Make sure all of our song lyrics, announcement ads and Message images get on screen. We use ProPresenter and most powerpoint proficient people can learn this program in just a few minutes.
  • Lighting Tech - Someone said once, “lighting changes everything,” and we tend to agree. We need your expertise in lighting to help each Sunday Gathering make its most profound impact.

 Contact sean@discipleschurch.net to start volunteering in this area.


We are always looking to add graphic, web and interior designers as well as film makers to add to our gifted team.

  • Web Designers/developers - We pride ourselves on having an appealing and informative website, but also know this means it needs changes and updates every week. Join our team and take a part or the whole of the website under your wing!
  • Graphic Designers - We create ad slides for every event, sermon and special gathering so we can promote on our website, all social media outlets as well as in person on Sunday mornings. We are always looking to add to our collective of graphic designers so you can tackle the projects that inspire you and skip the ones that don’t.
  • Film Makers - We love using series intro videos, baptism interviews, special shorts and more to improve our impact on Sunday’s and beyond. If you have a passion and gift for film let’s talk about your next project with Disciples!

 Contact stu@discipleschurch.net to start volunteering in this area.

Worship Band(s)

Music is a huge value for us in our main worship experience. We also need gifted and passionate musicians and worship leaders for Kids Church, Youth Gatherings, small groups and more.

  • Main Service Band - Musicians receive a set list as well as links to charts and audio/video files for each song to practice throughout their week on their own time. Sunday’s the band meets two hours prior to service time for a rehearsal and run-through for that day’s song set.
  • Kids Church Worship - Energetic worship leaders guide our kids in singing and celebrating the love of Jesus for a few minutes during their class time each Sunday.
  • Youth Worship - Our youth group meets regularly and is always looking for additional musicians and leaders for the band.

 Contact jason@discipleschurch.net to start volunteering in this area.


Jesus said, “my house is to be a house of prayer.” There is no better team to join to ensure the health and direction of Disciples as well as see The Holy Spirit move in mighty ways in the lives of people.

  • During Worship – We try to have at least a few people in the back during each and every service available to pray with you and/or for you.
  • Intercessory Prayer - Are you willing to pray everyday for our pastor or one of our staff? Get in contact with our prayer team leader to join the intercessory team.

 Contact Michelle to start volunteering in this area.


Construction, Cleaning & Maintanence

From weekly cleaning of the facilities and replacing broken light bulbs to major renovations and Sunday set designs, your skills and gifts to build can immediately bless your church!

  • Weekly Cleaning Team - In about two hours one person can clean and ready the church for Sunday’s gatherings. 
  • Maintanence - Things are always breaking and needing care. If you can give a few hours here and there, you can greatly improve our effectiveness as a church to facilitate ministry in our space.

 Contact stu@discipleschurch to start volunteering in this area.


Our Kids Church team runs age-appropriate Sunday Worship Gatherings for kids K-2nd  Grade and another for kids 3rd-5th Grades in addition to our Toddlers class and nursery. Special events happening monthly. We are always looking for people who are passionate about kids to jump in with their gifts.

  • Nursery - Need some baby time and love rocking, feeding or playing with little ones? This is for you!
  • Pre School Class - These little tikes are old enough for a simple lesson each week about God’s love and some fun and games to go with the lesson.
  • Elementary Teachers - If you love kids and love to teach, partner with Pastor Dan and Ashley in teaching a class once a month.
  • Elementary Helpers - Maybe teaching a class is intimidating to you, well we always need some extra hands and heart to simply assist the teacher and facilitate safe and fun environments for our kids.

 Contact dan@discipleschurch to start volunteering in this area.


You know groups are the backbone of any healthy church. People need a place and people to share their deepest struggles and greatest victories week in and week out. Help us ensure we have a small group for everyone at Disciples.

  • Groups Director - We are currently searching for that perfect woman or man to lead training, coordination and start up for all groups. 
  • Dinner Group Coordinator - Our Dinner Groups are a monthly gathering of people living in targeted regions. These groups are designed simply to create relationships by sharing a meal and enjoying each other’s company once per month.
  • Small Group Leader - Do you find you have the passion and ability to gather people together around a topic or book for discussion? Then leading a small groups is for you!
  • Small Group Host - One of the best ways to turn your small group from a group to a family is by having a gifted and hospitable host. IF you love to host people in your home, you NEED to host a small group!

 Contact stu@discipleschurch to start volunteering in this area.


Our mission as a church is simple, make disciples that make disciples. We believe Jesus and his first Disciples did this by relentlessly targeting the irreligious in their community, planting churches and caring for the needs in their city. We want to do better than we are currently. Will you answer the call?

  • Missional Director - We are currently searching for that perfect woman or man to lead training, coordination and start up for missional efforts in our church.
  • Projects Coordinator - We have partnerships with organizations like Orangevale Food Bank, Powerhouse Ministries, Support 4 Soldiers and more. We are ready for someone to take us to another level of impact in this arena.
  • Church Planting Resident - You think planting a church is your next best step for God? We’d love to partner with you. We directly help plant 3-6 churches every year and are looking for someone to join our staff for a season to launch another Disciples Church in the region.

 Contact stu@discipleschurch to start volunteering in this area.