Ted Leonard

Birth date: September 22, 1971
Education: Specialized AA in Accounting – Heald Business College
Marital Status: Happily

I started singing in utero, and come from a very musical family. I spent most of my childhood in various church choirs, but didn’t take singing or guitar seriously until I was 16. I have been writing and performing original music ever since. I am most known as the singer for the band Enchant; a progressive-rock band that has 7 studio albums and has been on 6 European tours. I have done guest appearances on other releases and am currently the lead singer of 3 different signed bands. 3 years ago I released a solo album entitled “Way Home” (available on Itunes…..cheap plug) which was a collection of ponderings of what it is to be a Christ-follower in every day life. I have been involved in worship music in various capacities for over 10 years and find it to be a crucial weekly opportunity to reconnect with my maker.

Joining Disciples has been a breath of fresh air in my church-ified journey. The pursuit of reaching the unreachable and connecting the disconnected is an obvious core value. When leading worship in the past I have always felt the unspoken expectation to represent someone else, whether it be the Lead Pastor or the church entity as a whole. At Disciples, I feel like I can stand up there and be the individual (however quirky, and flawed) that God made me to be.

I consider it a privilege to be welcomed to this staff, and even more-so, to this community. I look forward to doing life with all of you.

How I Met Jesus…I was raised in the church and got baptized as a young child, but got meaningfully and coherently baptized at a youth summer camp at age 16. Then, of course, went through the college-age “I’m too smart to believe this stuff” phase but felt God’s tug (more like a yank) on my heart at about age 22

If you could only listen to one song again and again for the rest of your life which would you choose? That would drive me insane and if I’m going to go crazy I would rather do so quickly. Therefore I’d have to go with a song I hate. Anything by Kesha, Hootie and the Blowfish, or the Cranberries would qualify, but if I had to narrow it down to one, I’d say Kesha’s “We R Who We R”.

One of my lifelong dreams is… The most obvious one would be to actually make a living doing original music. Also, to get below 10% body fat. I just want to see my abdominal muscles once before I die….preferably without it involving some horrific accident.

I love the smell of… Sounds crazy but diesel fumes. It reminds me of being on tour. Every morning, the bus would be idling outside that nights venue and so that smell takes me right back to memories of various European cities.