Disciples began in the early weeks of 2009 as a group of six families gathered in a Cameron Park, CA living room. We prayed and dreamt of a church that passionately pursued two main values:

Helping people far from God nudge closer to himself and community.

Kingdom work trumping empire building every time.

We set out to start (or really continue) a church planting in the Sacramento region hoping that Disciples Church would serve as an outpost for skeptics and saints alike. Where hope replaced cynicism and where love overcame politics and preferences.


Here is the story of Disciples.


Phase 1 God of the Waiting from Disciples Church on Vimeo.

Phase 2 God of the Desert from Disciples Church on Vimeo.

Phase 3 God of exile from Disciples Church on Vimeo.

Phase 4 God of the Promised Land from Disciples Church on Vimeo.

I have my doubts about whether people even read these things any more. My hope is that the only reason we don’t read it is because the reading is so dry, nobody can finish. But that does not mean it’s not important. These are the truths that guide us, way more than Core Values, Organizational Structure or Mission Statements. These are the tenants of the faith…so much bigger than our little corner of the world.

We believe God, now and always has, existed in three unique expressions: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus is the only way to know God. We believe the Holy Bible is God’s most consistent and available voice into the lives of Christ followers and Christ investigators. Want more on our beliefs, including our thoughts on beer, money, women & church music? Read our full statement.

Download Beliefs

slide_010_ghcn2GHC Network is the church planting division of Growing Healthy Churches We have a long relationship with GHC Network and its leaders. We are proud to come under their covering and be connected with churches and pastors all over the U.S. who share similar passion.

The GHC Network mission is to support church planters and high level leaders for the task to which God has called them (Acts 13:2). We’re developing a movement where church planting leaders are reproducing healthy churches.