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Church is risky. A bunch of people you don’t know singing songs with words you rarely use, and before you even get to know anyone they’re asking you for money!

The whole thing is centered on this mysterious person none of us have ever seen and yet everyone acts like he’s their best friend. While we cannot fix all the awkwardness, we want to at least give you a good idea of what to expect when you come to Disciples Church.

Don’t put it off another week…Sunday at 10 am

Driving Tip: Look for the giant red banner.


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Bringing Kids

KidsChurch is a fun and interactive learning experience for your child. From newborn to elementary school there is a place on Sunday for your child to experience Jesus in a relevant way.

We use KidCheck for an efficient and safe check-in and check-out experience for you and your family.

If you have any questions about KidsChurch or opportunities for families please contact us. KIDSCHURCH at DISCIPLESCHURCH dot NET or 916.850.5655.

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Our Story

We’re a new church (our first public gathering was Oct. 18, 2009) in Folsom designed to engage young thinkers and adventurous spirits longing to accelerate their spiritual journey. We are Real people, engaging with a Real God and experiencing Real Life. We are currently gathering around four weekly CORE Practices that we believe will serve to draw us closer to the heart and mission of Jesus.

Communicate how the Gospel is transforming you

Offer time and resource as an act of worship

Refill yourself with the Bible, prayer and Sabbath

Eat intentionally with the least, lost or left out

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